I was going to write a letter to you- the third of many.  It seems like every year I have to say something.  I miss you.  Where are you?  I miss you.  What am I really missing?

I suppose I need to pass on to the phase where I really shouldn’t give a damn.  I actually don’t give a damn, but nostalgia has a funny way of creeping up on you right when you least want it.  Thanks for the memories, but go on ahead and let me regret too.  The would have’s. The could have been’s.  The what-ifs.  I know I’m a different person now, an off shoot of what I imagined myself to be.  I like me now too.  But somehow, no matter what I do, I can’t forget you.

I also can’t ignore the word: catfish.

You’ll end up being a figment of my imagination.  The tormented soul with a gift for prose.  Alive or dead?  Hope you had fun.

And happy birthday.  It will be my last gift to you.


A Mentally Disabled Mother Lost Her Newborn and Fought Until She Got Her Back
People joke that parenthood should come via license, like driving, and that you shouldn’t be allowed to have children unless you pass a test. Lisa Miller’s New York magazine story about one mother in Massachusetts makes that idea—and the parental and disability rights controversies that accompany it—real.

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Disabled Fans and Creators Are Kept Out of Too Many Conventions. Now They’re Not Alone.
Science fiction and fantasy conventions exist in the venn diagram between professional networking events, marketing expos and fan celebrations. Between all three of those things, they do a lot to shape fandom and the stories we love. And for years now, conventions have been failing disabled fans and professionals. So now, at last, some professionals are signing a pledge that they won’t go to any convention that does not take disabled accessibilit…

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Netflix’s Jessica Jones Is a Complex Portrait of a Woman Undone
Jessica Jones, the second of Netflix’s original series drawn from Marvel comics, is the smartest entry into television’s already crowded cast of superheroes. Created by Melissa Rosenberg, best known for writing the Twilight movies, and starring the sardonic Krysten Ritter, the show is a slow unravelling of a familiar genre, featuring a heroine who struggles to maintain control after it’s been stolen from her by the villainous Kilgrave (played to …

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Looks like I already have access since I subscribe to Google Play Music.

YouTube Red officially launches, offering ad-free videos and more for $9.99 a month
As promised last week, Google has now officially launched its YouTube Red subscription service, offering fans of YouTube videos access to ad-free clips, a way to download videos for offline use and more for $9.99 a month. Here’s the breakdown of what people can expect when they sign up for YouTube Red: Ad-free videos: Watch videos without interruptions Save offline: Save videos and…

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