I just read Angel spoilers. I should be ashamed. They are hereon out forbidden!!!!
I have to admit though that I’m going to love the angst. Even better, the first new episode of the year is Wednsday. Bring it on.


I’m starting to hate the new blackglass layout, and the sad thing is that it’s not even up yet. I’m still putting it up. It should hopefully go up sometime this weekend barring any major interuptions.
I have butterflies in my stomach. I’m singing the national anthem at the women’s basketball game today. It’s exciting, but I always get nervous. It never fails. If I can make it through the song without a shaky voice, I will be happy. I keep telling myself, the applause will be better.
If there is complete silence, I will freak.
edited later to add: Oh my God, I forgot the words to the anthem!! ::laughs:: It was only a small part, but still. Now I need to redeem myself. My voice did sound nice though.


There’s some very sad news today. UPN has decided not to pick up Firefly. I don’t know why, but I guess that’s their choice. I was really hoping the series would be continued. ::le sigh::


I wonder, do I sound childish when I write? or articulate? or just plain stupid?
I’m so tired today, and I wish I had something intelligent to say other than what my state of being is at this moment. I need caffeine. I think my body thinks it’s Thursday, which is plausible considering it was yelling at me because it kept thinking yesterday was Friday.


I hate my school. I hate my school. I really hate my school. When it comes to technology and network access they’re complete assholes!! I’m so pissed at them.
First, they instituted this new firewall last semester that pretty much blocks every webpage with a port. Then they made everyone get a username and password in order to access the network. Of course they didn’t tell anyone, so many of the law students, who are never informed of these things, didn’t know why we couldn’t access the net. Then yesterday I noticed I couldn’t send emails via any of my pop3 accounts. So I used webmail to send them a message. Did they reply? No. But I figured it out. They changed the system around in a way that if I want to send email I need a username and password to get server authentication first. Then it will send it. I figured it out, but did they warn me, no!!
Email is important, especially to law students. I couldn’t send a friend an assignment yesterday because I couldn’t send her an email. I can’t believe them!!
Fuck, I hate this school. I’m stopping by the office to give them an earful. That and I found out that they may change my password, so I have to go get the new one before my access is cut off.
I hate this school. I really, really do. They’re in violation of the ADA, they don’t give a shit about their students, and they just suck!
I also found out that my doctor has to fill out a form in order for me to get accessible accomidations for the bar exam. Um, yay, ugh. That’s what I’ll be doing tonight.


Nothing big today. The morning just started out too rushed, and it ended with me not doing anything. Strangely enough I actually used my carrel and read for tomorrow, and not at the last minute. I think I’m scaring myself. ::laughs::
I ran into J. and the first thing he asked me was if I got the A in Trial Advocacy. He wouldn’t let me say anything else until I answered him. I told him that I did (I so rock, litigation here I come), apparently another student and myself in our section were the only As, but he’s not even sure about her grade, and he insisted I talk to Judge S. because he’s interested in giving me cases, especially since he heard I’m staying in San Antonio. I’m not sure adoption is my thing, but I’m not complaining. It’s cool. The judge likes me, and honestly he was a wonderful adjunct. I learned so much from him.
Yet, I feel guilty even announcing that I got the A. Oy, issues.
I also found out today that one of my profs was suspended, so I may not get that grade at all this semester. I ran into R. and he said that the worst that could happen was that we’d end up getting a pass. I still don’t like it though.
Ah, the lovely gossip here at law school. It’s a killer. Thank God I’m graduating in May. Another good thing, Brookie is in my DTPA class.
As for the FE’s livejournal, I still don’t like it. Yes, it’s funny, but it’s not original and that just irks me. It irks me because whomever is behind it is obviously aware of Cassie’s style of writing and is using it. And sure, that’s fine. What peeves me is that everyone not familiar with Cassie, sees it as original, and it’s not.


I decided to re-add the webcam, but let’s just see how long it lasts. I cringe when I see it, but that’s more an issue I have to deal with.
And no, I will not pose nude, or do any of those other things some cam girls do these days to get presents. 😉 I have my dignity, damn it.
As for Buffy, I’m so pathetic. I sniffled when Spike realized it was the real Buffy who came to save him. It was so touching. Now all I need is for Faith to come back. And I swear, if Giles is dead I will throw a fit. He just can’t be dead, ya know. Not him.


Watching: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
My hand is finally getting better. It blistered up and burned for a while, but it finally stopped hurting today. I’m still trying to take it easy, but tomorrow I will start working on the domain again.
Great news hit the wire today. The Norwegian kid who created DeCSS has been acquitted. Now I’m waiting for the DMCA to be declared unconstitutional.


Listening to: The Two Towers Soundtrack.
The First Evil has a journal. It’s, um, interesting. I mean it’s funny, but the style of writing has me thinking. Is this Cassie Claire writing because it sounds like her hysterical Lord of the Rings parody, The Very Secret Diaries. If it is, then bring it on, but if it’s someone else, well that’s not good. What ever happened to originality.
link courtesy of Heather


Watching: Inuyasha.
The timer on my tv is blinking, which can only mean one thing. The lights went out sometime in the last three weeks. Why is that a bad thing? It means that maybe it didn’t tape Buffy. Gah!!!
And why must school start tomorrow. It’s downright inhumane.
The layout isn’t going up tonight either. I hurt my hand working on it yesterday, and it’s incredibly sore today. Blah!