M y . c r a z y . l i f e - +

name: Yasmín Elizabeth

net names: Kalypso, Nímsay, Azile, Locura, and Lekiare

contact: nimsay@blackglass.org
icq# 22216003
IM= XNimsayx

sites: I maintain way too many sites.
b l a c k g l a s s . d o t . org
an open mind
not so words of wisdom - journal site

age: Do the math - December 19, 1977

appearance: 5'2", A natural brunnette with green eyes, petite.

marital status: single

sex: I don't believe in pre-marital sex. It's too risky, ya know, especially with my frail mind and all. ;-) Actually the guy has to be very special before I decide to share that part of me with him.

i meant gender: Oops! I'm your normal every day femme fatale ::laughs::

silliness: On a scale from 1 to 10 = 11.

languages: I'm a native Spanish speaker but I've studied Latin, French, Italian, German, and Japanese

roots: Mexican american though I am related to a famous german poet during the middle ages, ie Walther von der Vogelweide.

education: I graduated from the Unversity of Notre Dame with a degree in the Program of Liberal Studies and Spanish. I just recently received my J.D. from the University of St. Mary's School of Law, and I'm currently studying for the Texas Bar Exam. No, I can't give you any legal advice so don't ask.

hobbies: Basically I love to try new things. Writing creatively is a passion, and without music I would be lost. Movies spark my imagination (not to mention the occasional debate with my brother). Web design lets me be spontaneous and impulsive. Singing opera isn't as bad as it seems and broadway tunes are still popular. I absolutely, positively love to read.

desires: To help those in need. To protect abused children and those at risk. To end discrimination of all types and forms. To be remembered.

pms or pmdd: You mean there's a differnce? Oy, I'm in trouble.

who am i?
I am stubborn and I am sweet
I am melodramatic
Feminism is like second nature to me because I believe in equal rights.
As a child people knew me as 'hell on wheels'. I wonder why. ::smiles::
Darkness enthralls me, love seduces me, strength grants me the power to survive.

i believe:
In the power of love
In the supernatural or just anything that can't be proved by science
In God
In desire
In freedom
In nature and the romance it creates
In myself

anything else:
What more can i say? I'm an honest person and my answers are candid or blunt so in some way or another I tend to piss people off(sheesh, people just can't handle opinions these days).

I'm a dreamer. If life were just a dream then I would be the happiest person in the world. I owe to them my inspiration and my hope.

I'm a hopeless romantic who one day may just find her soulmate. Actually, where are you? Don't you know i've been waiting for you all these years? It's rather cruel that you're hiding from me. You are afterall my knight, and you rival me in every way. Your caresses(I'm assuming) are gentle and sweet, and you make me laugh so that all my troubles disappear with the slightest hint of your smile. You are my muse and without you I am empty. We are two sides of the same coin. Damn it. Rescue me, por favor.

new pics coming soon.