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The thing I find the most intriguing about the internet is its ability to hide people's identities. I mean think about it for a second. Here's a common scenario: A single, slightly overweight, young man goes online and immediately logs onto his favorite chatroom SWFs under the name Chewy999. He's like a predator looking for his next prey whom he thinks he has found in _Barbiegirl_. He wants a girl/woman he can talk to and maybe fall in love with, so he starts this romantic conversation with her. He says he's lean and muscular, and that he's clean. (Notice: he's none of these). He talks about fate, and she says that she thinks she likes him; that the two of them have so much in common. This seems so romantic, but here's the catch and the point of my analogy. From my little description of Chewy999 we know he's not being truthful to _Barbiegirl_, but neither is she. Actually she is a he and also happens to be a pedophile. Pretty grim, huh. Appearences, especially those over the internet, are never what they seem. I admit my example is a bit extreme but I think it makes sense when you consider what I'll say next. (Did I ever mention that I love to be sarcastic ::grins::)

Now before you say anything nasty, let me just say that I have nothing against chat rooms, or aliases, or anything of the sort. I'm actually quite fond of the 'looks can be deceiving' theme because of the obvious reason. One does not really know who a person is unless one gets to see a picture or meet the actual person in real life, face to face. If I hadn't placed my pics on this website, how would you imagine me to be? You would probably think I'm an intelligent young lady, who hasn't had a taste of the real world yet, and probably hasn't chosen the right kind of lifestyle. (or choose your own kind of judgement). You certainly wouldn't know I'm disabled.

So what is the purpose of this page? Well it has many purposes. I want to inform the internet user about AMC (hint: my disability), and break any stereotypes that might come with the word 'disabled.' But my biggest goal for this page is to help anyone who has this disability or knows someone who has it and does not know how to deal with it.

what is amc exactly?

an attempt to overcome one's disability.

listen, she looks as if she has been crying.

put behind the hard times and appreciate the good times.

treating someone with a disability.